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Doula Service

Warda Yusoff

Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA)
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, LCCE

Let me take a moment to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Nothing brings me as much bliss as supporting and empowering women to have the birth experiences that they desire and deserved. No matter how you choose to give birth, know that it is absolutely your choice, and you deserve to be honoured and supported in your decisions. As a doula, my role is to provide educated, loving support and guidance to you and your birth partner during pregnancy and labour time. I’m your birth companion, offering sound advice and always ready to support your heartfelt decisions – no matter what

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Home Sweet Home Birth

Small rise in home births in Singapore

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It’s important to know that hiring a doula doesn’t guarantee a specific medical outcome, but knowing that you have a trusted person by your side can make a significance difference emotionally.

As your doula, my job is also to create space for your birth partner to provide more intimate and meaningful care for you. I will be in constant service to both of you, so that you never have to be left alone. It’s my duty to help you focus on your most important job – delivering a healthy, happy baby into a peaceful, relaxed environment.

My services include, a pre-natal home visit to get you prepared for labour at home and in the hospital, phone counselling and pregnancy coaching, birthing time doula services, a post-natal visit, and referrals to my large support community of mind-body wellness experts. My personal experience includes supporting women in birthing centres and drug-free births, working with both obstetricians and midwives mainly in Singapore and Indonesia.

What Clients Say...

My journey with Warda started with prenatal massages, which was thoroughly enjoyable and helped ease my pregnancy aches and pains. My decision to appoint her as my doula subsequently proved to be most beneficial to me as she helped me achieve the VBAC that I desired! I believe her massages and advice pre-delivery resulted in a quick and smooth delivery, more than what I had hoped for. I strongly recommend her services to those hoping to achieve a natural delivery.Silke , VBAC Birth

Know your options. Trust your wisdom

When it comes to getting to know mothers, face-to-face interaction or phone call works best.

To request a free phone or Skype consultation or in-person meeting in your home or favorite cafe, email me at or SMS +65 98801417 with your name and phone.

I am dedicated to giving all women positive birth experiences
I also dedicate a portion of my coaching and doula practice to free services for teen mothers and low-income families.
Please feel encouraged to refer me to a mother in need who would benefit from extra loving support.