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For A Nurturing Childbearing Experience Through Massage

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For A Nurturing, Childbearing Experience Through Massage

Nik’s Bodywork is proud to bring Post Natal Perth and Jamu Wrap to Australia

Our Services

Pre-Natal Massage

Apart from alleviating the physical discomforts that may seem unavoidable during your pregnancy, such as leg cramps, back pain and fluid retention; massage also has the following benefits

Post-Natal Massage

The post-natal period can be a daunting time for the new mother as she adjusts physically and emotionally. And for the mother who has undergone an unexpected Cesarean birth, her adjustments may be even more severe.

Benefits of Jamu Therapy

Jamu wrap originated in Asia and is practiced since the ancient times until now. It is used as herbal medicine or treatment for a person’s overall wellness because of its healing and soothing properties.

What clients say...

I just moved to Singapore from Melbourne, pregnant with my second child. In Australia, I haven’t heard about post-natal massage and wrap, but in Singapore all my girlfriends were talking about it. I feel absolutely lucky to have been introduced to Nik by a friend and been able to experience Nik’s amazing pre-natal and post-natal massage/wrap. It was heaven to relax for 2 hours every day for 10 days just after giving birth. Nik’s massage and wrap made me understand my body and mind more and made my recovery easy and smooth. Nik is very gifted, spiritual and nurturing. She made me feel safe in her hands. I loved every moment. I wish every woman would have the opportunity to experience Nik’s massage. She was an absolute gift for me!Vanessa Vanhouten


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