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PostNatal Massage

Postnatal Massage For Physical and Emotional Health After Childbirth

The postnatal period can be a daunting time for the new mother as she adjusts physically and emotionally. And for the mother who has undergone an unexpected Cesarean birth, her adjustments may be even more severe. But with the many benefits that massage offers, the new mother’s health can be restored in a shorter time, in a nurturing way.

Benefits of PostNatal Massage

Postnatal massage wrap

Postnatal massage wrap

  • Postnatal massage helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, especially when massage is combined with the Jamu body wraps
  • Facilitates the healing of a Cesarean section birth
  • Encourages the flow of lymph and speeds the elimination of toxins from your body
  • Calms your nervous system, producing much needed relaxation
  • Defines the shapes and contours of your body to bring a renewed sense of body image and self-esteem
  • Relieves emotional and physical stress that result from being sleep deprived
  • Eases muscle aches and pains that result from nursing and carrying your newborn

A few massage therapies following the delivery will help put structures back in the right place. It is effective after the delivery to ensure mums get optimal results from post-partum exercise programs, such as Kegel and Pilates. The advantage is that it is effective in resolving the cause of the pain. For example if there is trauma to the uterus or bladder, massage techniques may be utilized to help heal the membrane walls of the organs. It also utilized to gently mobilize the organs, nerves and vessels into the correct place. The key to keep in mind is that function is dependent on structure. All structures of the body (bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels, nerves and tissues) perform their function best when they are free from any type of compression, whether drooping and putting strain on the ligaments that hold it in place or pressure against a nearby structure. An example of the correlation between structure and function is an increase in the frequency of urination because of the uterus pressing on the bladder. If the condition is not severe it can be corrected with Pelvic Floor Massage gently and effectively. An integral part of the postnatal massage is the traditional Indonesian Jamu wrap. As a herbal paste that is applied to your torso, Jamu serves to flush out toxins such as the remaining anesthesia, if any, from your body. It also acts against fluid retention and cuts down fat deposits. Together, the Jamu and the wrap work to return your abdomen to its pre-pregnancy state. 
  • Postpartum, also called the fourth trimester, puerperium and postnatal is recognized as the period just after birth and the subsequent six weeks that follow. Postpartum is as important as any other phase of the birthing process. During pregnancy, labor and birth of the baby, a mother’s overall health is depleted. The mother is constantly giving of her life force energy, therefore it is most important she is replenished and cared for after birth.
  • Postpartum is a significant time for the mother, baby and family. Many psychological and spiritual changes occur. During this time, the uterus contracts, breasts may enlarge and become tender in preparation for breastfeeding and hormones fluctuate. Internal organs that have moved to accommodate the baby are slowly shifting back to their original positions. As mothers, we need to desire and expect quality holistic postpartum care. As massage therapist, it is imperative that we are more attentive to the postpartum mothers we are serving. Caring for the mother in a loving way will help restore strength, vitality, muscle tone, mental clarity and an overall sense of well being.
  • It is very important that women are assessed during the 6 weeks postpartum. We can help eliminate many of the common problems and concerns during this time. By giving mothers the loving and gentle care and nourishing both body and spirit, we can support healing with ease.
  • The one thing that all the rituals have in common is the care being centered on healing the whole body. These postpartum rituals have work for centuries and will continue to be effective.