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What Others Are Saying

Grace Wee

As my friends know it, Nik is my “guru”! She has a wealth of knowledge on pregnancy, ins and outs of a woman’s body, breastfeeding, how to handle babies and of course her Jamu wrap plus massage is absolutely superb! The wrap was highly effective in bringing my post pregnancy tummy to what it used Continue Reading →


Angeline Ng

Angeline Ng — 5 star I have engaged Nik for my past 4 pregnancies, pre and post massages. She is the only one I will frankly recommend without hesitation. Nik is unlike any typical masseur you will encounter. Other than being technically competent about the human anatomy, she is passionate about continuously upgrading her skills to improve Continue Reading →


Elaine Ang

Thank you very much for your support all these months through out my pregnancy. I look forward to your massage each time. Your great expertise has definitely provided me much comfort during my difficult moment (1st trimester) Thanks for easing out aches and preparing my body ready for labour being so positive and apprehensive about a Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Gwee

One of the most invaluable things Nik helped me with was preparing my breasts for breastfeeding. I never knew such a thing could be done, and it felt very strange when she massaged them, but I believe that my easy milk flow was largely due to her help. Her massages helped prep the nipples so Continue Reading →

Ms Nurul M Saion

I was nervous during my first session with Nik. She told me to be myself, sit any way I like and say anything which came across my mind. Soon, I relaxed and she slowly helped me to feel at ease to allow myself to feel safe in my surrounding. She did so naturally that I Continue Reading →

Ms Deanna Yusoff

Nik has great insight and ability to determine on what you need.  She’s a good listener , caring and non judgemental.  Her gentleness creates wonders and MAGIC to your body , mind and soul. Her work is incredibly unprecedented. She’s AMAZING!!

Elisabetta Franzoso

Nik is a gifted body therapist. Besides the technical skills necessary for this type of therapeutic work, she brings to her clients understanding, love and compassion – something that cannot be learnt through certifications and diplomas. My belief as a life coach and international facilitator of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process is that just facing our Continue Reading →

Duanna Pang-Dokland

Nik was recommended to me by my gynecologist when I had severe swelling in my feet after birth. Not only did my feet return to normal after the massages Nik gave me; my abdomen also returned to its pre-pregnancy state after the Jamu wrap treatments. What makes Nik different from other massage therapists is that Continue Reading →


During pregnancy, I had a lot of water retention in my thighs as a result of my lymph nodes being blocked. Nik massaged and tried to unblock the lymph nodes, and it worked! I could see my thighs softening and slowly reducing in size. Thanks Nik!

Jiuan Heng

Nik has the touch of a healer and the big heart of a mama. She helped me to recover my sense of my body and myself after birthing. I bonded with my baby much better as a result. She’s a rare gem!

Billie Lee Holzbauer

Nik is one precious gift whom I was blessed to meet on my healing journey. A clear channel and a deeply intuitive healer and bodyworker, she radiates a deep sense of peace and wisdom of the ages. Through her bodywork sessions, I was able to relax the deepest tensions in my muscles. They were very Continue Reading →


Wearing the Jamu wrap makes me feel supported and protected, the powerful warmth from the herbs healing and transforming me like a caterpillar inside a cocoon. The best part is seeing the results of my figure recovering a little more each day. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with so many recovering Continue Reading →


Thank you Nik for making the decision to channel compassion and healing energy through your heart and hands. You have the ability to direct pure light energy like a laser beam into my body, wow, what a gift Nik. Thank you for your conscious and gentle work. I experience great relief, peace, healing and restfulness. Continue Reading →


I discovered Nik when I was pregnant with triplets following IVF. Like many women who have experienced difficulty getting pregnant, once I was pregnant I was nervous about pre-natal massage. However, I truly believe it was because of Nik’s massage that I was able to carry my babies as long as I did! My weekly Continue Reading →


Every pregnant woman and new mother should have the chance to experience the treatment you offer. I feel so lucky to have you work with me during my twin pregnancy and even more so after the births of Lowri and Rhianna. The massage and jamu wrap have not only helped me to recover and heal Continue Reading →

Candace Castro

Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging email. I am touched and honoured for the acknowledgment that I was as powerful for you as you were for me in our journey in Bali. The shift in energy is quite amazing and you are so right – the “bump” where my lower abdomen is has gone! Continue Reading →

Celeste, ChinHock and Chengyou ( CCC )

First pregnancy is often full of apprehension and anxiety but what will I do without Nik. Nik came into my life and my first pregnancy with adoration and compassion, other than her professionalism and gifted mind and soul. Both my husband and my life are transformed by Nik’s cheer and strength throughout my pregnancy and Continue Reading →

Sophie Phillip

I saw Nik after the birth of my second child and can’t stress how wonderful the sessions were in terms of aiding both the physical healing process as well as the equally important emotional readjustment. Having a newborn and a very active toddler equates to very little “me” time in the course of 24 hours but Continue Reading →

Julia Lim 

Nik Pre-natal and post-natal massages are the best. I had Nik for both of my children and she worked wounders on my body after my delivery. Her fingers are really magic and I wish she could leave them behind for me. I definitely highly recomemd Nik to any women who wishes to get her body Continue Reading →

Vanessa Vanhouten

I just moved to Singapore from Melbourne, pregnant with my second child. In Australia, I haven’t heard about post-natal massage and wrap, but in Singapore all my girlfriends were talking about it. I feel absolutely lucky to have been introduced to Nik by a friend and been able to experience Nik’s amazing pre-natal and post-natal Continue Reading →

Priya Gupta

Thanks Nik for the relaxing massages and wraps. I wasn’t sure what to expect, trying it for the first time after my third caesarean. I did feel a difference after our first session, the jelly belly felt somewhat firmer and even better after subsequent sessions. Nice to have an hour to myself….a rarity at the Continue Reading →


Nik came highly recommended to me by another mum and I am so grateful for it. Nik was instrumental in helping me stay relax and comfortable during the third trimester of my pregnancy as well as after the birth of my child. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy three days after giving birth and it Continue Reading →

Serene Lee

Thank you for a wonderful experience for my postpartum recovery through your post-natal massage. The nurturing therapy was extremely uplifting & helped me regain my figure very quickly. I’ve experienced other pre/post-natal massage before but I must say your therapy is much better. It has also been great knowing you!


I started seeing Nik for pre-natal massages just before the birth of my first son in 2008, and now, three sons and many massage sessions later, hers is the first and only name that comes to mind when anyone asks for massage recommendations.  No one can deny how chaotic, unpredictable and trying the first weeks Continue Reading →

Sharon Chow

I had been suffering from back pain towards the end of my pregnancy and I had scouted around town to search for a good prenatal massage… nothing really seemed to work until I had my sessions with Nik. Nik’s touch really did it for me, and I am still amazed by how well she knew Continue Reading →

Jean McTaggard

The first time i opened my door to meet Nik I felt i’d known her forever. An immediate sense of fellowship and a connection of depth filled my being.I felt a natural impulse to hug her, as if i had been doing that for a lifetime.


“Attended a Family Constellation session by a wonderful lady called Nik…. An eye opener on how it helps us to face the issues we have in our life”

Lynn Remy

A wonderful strategy…Unexpectedly, Nik has helped me to make a difference in my life. Many Thanks to Nik