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Billie Lee Holzbauer

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Nik is one precious gift whom I was blessed to meet on my healing journey. A clear channel and a deeply intuitive healer and bodyworker, she radiates a deep sense of peace and wisdom of the ages. Through her bodywork sessions, I was able to relax the deepest tensions in my muscles. They were very emotional and spiritual experiences as I was re-connected with my childhood pains and traumas. My heart cried with my body that day. Inner peace and tranquility flowed softly into my heart as the tears slowly dried up. Nik was like a soothing balm; compassionate, loving and understanding. Her touch and presence acted as a facilitator for deeper healings from within. I am sincerely grateful and humbly touched by her deep commitment to her vision and her soul’s work. It is time we acknowledge our bodies as the sacred ground and metaphor of our lives. I would say, commit yourself to self healing and self reflections and embrace your body as the expression of your existence. Call Nik, your body and soul shall thank you… all my love from Austria

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