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Elizabeth Gwee

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One of the most invaluable things Nik helped me with was preparing my breasts for breastfeeding. I never knew such a thing could be done, and it felt very strange when she massaged them, but I believe that my easy milk flow was largely due to her help. Her massages helped prep the nipples so that milk could flow freely from them when the time called for it.
Post-pregnancy, she provided immense relief when I suffered from painfully engorged breasts – she helped to clear the blocked milk ducts and showed me how to massage them and efficiently hand express my milk so that I could relieve myself from the pain.
But what I love most about Nik is her calming and maternal presence – definitely something all pregnant, hormonal women can benefit from. Not only that, she gives great advice based on her decades of experience, and is always full of encouragement, positive energy and humour.

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